www.gruitday.beer started January 27th 2021

Eleven breweries from three countries go ahead to restart International Gruitday

Steve Beauchesne from Beaus All Natural Brewing Company, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, founded International Gruitday in 2013. He established www.gruitday.com as his webpage to inform and to network about gruitbeer. In 2018 more than 60 brewers from all continents took part in International Gruitday. Unfortunately colleagues in Canada stopped brewing gruitbeer and also returned their domain.

But International Gruitday is too young to die. At January 27th 2021 – just a short time before 9th International Gruitday on February 1st 2021 – Dr. Markus Fohr from Lahnsteiner Brauerei at Lahnstein, Germany, started a new webpage www.gruitday.beer as a domain fitting really well for this topic.

Download the official press release in english or german to read more.

Collection of gruitbeers from Germany, Austria and Belgium decorated by Maja Fohr

Dr. Markus Fohr, head of Lahnsteiner Brauerei and German Champion of Biersommeliers, with the gruitbeers ready to taste