First look at "Grutie" - mascot of this page

Grutie by Maja Fohr will lead us through this page.

Grutie is the mascot of this webpage. He is inspired by magicians like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings oder Miraculix from Asterix.

Butch Heilshorn created this idea when looking for a title image of his book "Against all hops", but his publishers thought it to be too extraordinary.

But the idea is exaclty this - extraordinary. So we choose it to be the mascot of this page and called it "Grutie".

Maja Fohr, daughter of Markus Fohr, is starting to design Grutie. Here you see her first drawing.

Later on Grutie will lead visitors through this page.

Welcome Grutie - tank you, Maja!