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International Gruit Day was founded by Beaus All Natural Brewing Company, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, in 2013. Over the years many breweries from different countries and continents joined the project and celebrated International Gruit Day every year on February 1st. Meanwhile the colleagues of Beaus are no longer brewing Gruit Beer so they cancelled their activities and also their website www.gruitday.com - now it´s owned by a company offering bedding systems.

International Gruitday at Lahnsteiner Brauerei 2020

International Gruitday at Lahnsteiner Brauerei 2020

But International Gruit Day is too young to die. Lahnsteiner Brauerei at Lahnstein at the river Rhine, Germany, restarted International Gruit Day on February 1st 2021! We will fill with new life what Beau´s Brewery founded some years ago. Thanks to the colleagues for this. On this new website you will find a lot of information about gruitbeer, its history and breweries brewing. Any gruitbeer fans and gruitbeer brewers all over the world are invited to join us!
If you like to participate International Gruit Day or just to receive further information please send us an email  fohr@lahnsteiner-brauerei.de

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Lahnsteiner Gruitbeer Grutbier

Lahnsteiner Gruitbeer

The email above is the personal address of Dr. Markus Fohr, head of Lahnsteiner Brauerei, German Champion of Beer Sommeliers, and specialist in Gruit Beer. Gruit Beer was the topic of his master thesis at the Institute of Masters of Beer. Since November 2019 he is proud to be Certified Member of the Institute of Masters of Beer – one of the first seven members at all worldwide.

Dr Markus Fohr

Dr. Markus Fohr



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Grutie begins

Tales of gruitery and insBEERation, chapter 1.

www.gruitday.beer started January 27th 2021

Eleven breweries from three countries go ahead to restart International Gruitday