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Axel Kiesbye is brewing engineer and founder of Biersommelier education. Since 2011 he is running his "Naturbrauerei" at Obertrum near Salzburg, Austria. Every year Axel brews a new limited edition "Waldbier" - forrest beer - with ingredients from austrian forrests.

With "Waldbier" the organisation of austrian forrests (Österreichische Bundesforste ÖBf) and brewmaster Axel Kiesbye intend to bring the forest in the living rooms and on the dining tables. This special beers shows the great variety of products and treasures out of the wood in a very tasteful way: Oak on the other hand, wild animals, mushrooms, herbs, berries and fruits, aromatic spice on the other hand.
As a high quality vintage beer Waldbier acts as a symbol of this variety.
Waldbier started first in 2011 - also the international year of the forrest. In the first years Axel took the ingredients from conifers. Later on he focused on bushes and wild fruits.
The organisation of austrian forrests put all their knowledge about nature, places to harvest and ingredients in the Waldbier project - Axel all his skills as a brewing expert to create perfect recipes.
These are the vintage forrest beers Axel Kiesbye brewed and the places of harvest:
2020: Oak Barrique, Wien.
2019: Raspberry, Breitenfurt near Wien.
2018: Wooden pear, Wildalpen, Steiermark.
2017: Wild cherry, Gailtal valley, Kärnten.
2016: Juniper, Salzburger Lungau.
2015: Spruce resin, Traunstein.
2014: Black pine, Wien.
2013: Larch, Salzkammergut.
2012: Stone pine, Radurschltal valley, Tirol.
2011: Fir, Hochkönig mountain, Salzburg.
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