Gruut BV

Situated in the heart of the amazing city of Ghent in Belgium Annick de Splenter is brewing in the heart of gruit: Just with gruit - no hops (mostly).

The Ghent city brewery Gruut was founded by Annick De Splenter in April 2009 at the Grote Huidevettershoek in Ghent. From an early age she was initiated into the wonderful world of fermentation and beer. The love for brewing is clearly in Annick’s genes, because they were active in the brewing world on both mother and father’s side. Just think of the brand names: Young Pale Ale from Gistel and Dentergems Wit, Liefmans or Lucifer from Dentergem.
The exceptional property of four of the Ghent Gruuten consists in that they are brewed without hops (only the inferno is brewed with hops). The research into alternatives to replace the hop herb was of course not without a struggle. After a course in biochemistry and several partnerships with various universities, the Ghent city beer saw the light of day. There are five different variations: Gentse Gruut White, Gentse Gruut Blond, Gentse Gruut Amber, Gentse Gruut Bruin and Gentse Gruut Inferno. A special “Maîtresse” beer is also brewed every few months. This beer is special because Annick experiments with different ingredients. Some examples of ingredients are: Mango, lime, chili pepper …
Gruut White[/] beer is very aromatic with a fragant fruity smell and a slightly herbaceous sharpness. The body is light, but soft. Thanks to the spices, the flavors are ‘round’, very fine and complex. The first impression is a spicy dryness, but there is also a slight, creamy sweetness underlying. Alc. 5,0 % ABV.

[b]Gruut Blonde
is cloudy, gently barleyd beer. It has a neutral, light and sweet flavor obtained by a special selection of herbs. Alc. 5,5 % ABV.

Gruut Amber Ale has an amazing rich taste, a deep copper colour and a smooth drinkability and when using the typical open glass, you will see a fabulous head, discover its deep copper color and capture its delicate aroma. Alc. 6,6 % ABV.

Gruut Brown is our cuvee with a pleasant, smooth beginning and a never experienced, persistent aftertaste coming from a mixture of nuts. Recently we have adjusted our Gruut brown so now it is completely gluten free. Alc. 8,0 % ABV.

Inferno is a delicate ale with an intense flavour. It’s golden color and unique flavor makes it popular amongst all ages. Ultimate serving temperature: 8° – 9°C. Alc. 9,0 % ABV.

Also there are seasonal and limited editions like Winter Special oder Maitresse.
Gruut BV
Rembert Dodoensdreef 1
9000 Ghent
East Flanders

0032 9 269 02 69

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